How to become a 'gym person'

Wednesday, June 03, 2015

Let me start this honestly - I am a complete lazy bones, and I love fast food. By rights I should be huuuge, but fortunately years of PE in school, stints with ballet, football and gymnastics, and the youthful fast metabolism have kept me slender. However I got to Sixth Form and all this flew out the window - anything took priority over exercise.

Now, I am not fat. I am perfectly healthy in regards to BMI, but for me this wasn't a weight issue (excluding a slight beer belly). All I want to do is tone up, and hopefully get a booty as banging' as Kim K's. Here's my tips on how to motivate yourself into it.

Find the right gym

Ideally, you want somewhere with a good, modern gym, a swimming pool, exercise classes and then (as a little treat) a sauna, steam room and jacuzzi. Luckily my local gym has all this, and is only £19 a month - I would definitely pay more though for all these features! Also, try and avoid very weight orientated places as this can attract a certain crowd I personally feel awkward in front of.

Get the gear

I'm not going to say go out and spend £100 on the latest Nike technology leggings and crop top, because if you really hate it this is such a waste of money. I got a gorgeous black and hot pink set consisting of leggings, a vest, sports bra's and a long sleeved top for running from Sainsbury's of all places! They had a fab sportswear range and I'm sure a lot of the supermarkets do, so definitely have a look. In fact, they included all necessary technology too!

The perfect trainers

First things first, research what kind of footwear you need for the exercise you plan on doing. If possible, get the trainers fitted for you at any decent sports shop. Also, it's a great thing sporty trainers are in fashion, as there as so many nice versions available at the minute. However it does mean the prices are slightly higher. If you're lucky enough to have little feet then be sure to check out the 'Junior' ranges of footwear. It only goes up to a size 6 but that's quite generous, and you can find the same versions of popular shoes for much cheaper prices! Take these Roshe runs - £25 cheaper than the 'adult' ones!

Go to a class

I am really getting into my exercise now so enjoy the gym, but I first hated it. Start off by going to an exercise class. My gym follows the 'GX' timetable, which is group exercise. I absolutely LOVE metafit because you feel an instant difference, it keeps burning calories for 24 hours after the class, and it only lasts half an hour! I would strongly recommend it for beginners. It's much easier having a trainer to motivate you, rather then forcing yourself into 15 boring minutes on the treadmill.


My best friend joined the gym with me, so we have a great laugh together anyway. Don't take yourself too seriously, and always do as much as you can - but never push it. Also, I love having a chill out in the pool or steam room after a class as it really reduces the tension in your muscles. Exercise takes time to make a significant difference, but summer bodies are made in winter - so if we start now, we'll be buff by June!

Anna xxx

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