Keep or Delete : The Denim Skirt

Sunday, June 07, 2015

Skirt - M&S // Sunnies & Shoes - Topshop //
I think pretty much everyone this season has a button up A-line denim skirt, that 70's trend is really catching! I've got a dark denim and a light wash mini, however when I spied this midi length version I just couldn't resist. Call it the Alexa Chung effect - she's recently been spotted in one. However I'm not 100% sure if it will suit a size 10, 5ft 5", 18 year old girl in the same way it suits the tall, slim and beautiful Chung. What do you think, too much or just right?

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  1. Oh deffo keep. It's a classic! Love the mid-blue of the denim too.

    Faye x
    i wish i could wink

  2. Definitely a keeper. It's such a versatile piece, easily dressed up or down and it's comfy ;)


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