Thursday, June 11, 2015

Shirt - Joules // Jeans - M&S // Shoes - Birkenstocks

While all the blog posts I'm seeing are you Southerners embracing the sun, spare a thought for us poor Northeners, it's still cold up here! But of course we still wanna look summery, so in comes the jeans and sandals combo. It doesn't exactly make sense, but neither does North-East weather!

Also introducing my current favourite shirt. I wear a lot of Joules because we sell it in the shop where I work (shoutout to staff discount) but I do think it's a fab brand and I adore the current 'seafarer' collection. This shirt works now with jeans but I also think it'll be perfect if we finally get the heat paired with some denim cut-offs and some espadrilles.

As I'm writing this I'm super duper happy because I've finally finished Sixth Form! I'll find out my results in August and then hopefully get the grades for the fashion journalism course at Sunderland Uni.. exciting times!

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