First night in Paris

Wednesday, September 02, 2015

Generally I go to Paris twice yearly, I am very lucky. It is such a great holiday for my entire family as we can combine the culture of Paris, the beautiful villa we stay in just outside of Paris has such luxurious facilities to relax in (outdoor pool, anyone?) and obviously Disneyland for my little sisters. Okay, maybe mostly for me…

This year my family invited my boyfriend along on the holiday and honestly, it was the best ten days of my life. Kieran and I had a brilliant time and even better, two of my friends were in Paris at the same time. We began by meeting outside the Notre-Dame, near where Poppy and Liam were staying.

I then played tour guide and marched everyone to the nearest tube station. From there we travelled to Montmartre as it has such a chilled out vibe, and all the outdoor bars and cafe's meant it would be perfect for a couple of drinks. We started by having a lovely meal in a cute and very French cafe! Then spent the rest of the evening having one mojito too many.

We then got the tube back to Poppy and Liam's hotel (I don't think they were too keen on changing lines!) which gave me and Kieran the opportunity to see the Notre-Dame lit up, and take the obligatory selfie in front.

It was a wonderful, romantic evening that I will never forget. Have you ever been to Paris? If not, all I can say is you simply must go!

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  1. Sounds like you had a fab time, it's awesome you got to experience it with your boyfriend and your friends this time!

    The Velvet Black // UK Style & Beauty Blog

  2. A friend of mine just left for France... And she will stay for a year :( So jealous! But hey, maybe I'll visit, right? :)) xo


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