Lush Halloween Collection!

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

What better way to get into the Halloween spirit than with a seasonal Lush haul?
I've gradually gotten more and more obsessed with Lush, and when I saw the Halloween releases I just had to have them all. I'm seriously obsessed with this collection and will be quite disappointed when they take them off the shelves next week!

Sparkly Pumpkin Bubble Bar - this is pretty much what it says on the tin; a brilliantly glittery pumpkin! To me, it smells like the epitome of Autumn. All the ingredients combined create a spicy sort of pumpkin smell, with a refreshing drop of lime. Although touching it does completely cover your hands in the gold glitter, in the bath it is much more subtle and only leaves a slight shimmer. It is a very cosy bubble bar perfect for these cold dark nights, and I find that half a pumpkin creates more than enough bubbles so you can get a couple of uses out of it. I love Sparkly Pumpkin - I'm already on my third!

Lord of Misrule Shower Cream - I LOVE this scent. Lord of Misrule reminds me of that smell when you walk in a hippy shop, you know, the kind of place that sells incense and dreamcatchers. This is down to the Patchouli and strong herbal smell. The scent actually stays on your skin for hours after using too, which is brilliant. The green gloopy goo (very Halloween appropriate) seems quite runny, but creates a nice thick lather. This is such a unique shower gel that I will be stocking up on!

Nightwing Shower Jelly - I'll be honest, I haven't yet tried this but I am really excited to! Something has always put me off the Lush jellies - I think it's because they look a bit fiddly - but I couldn't resist the novelty. It is fruit pastille scented, bat shaped jelly! I will report back and let you know how I get on… that's if I manage to avoid eating it, it smells seriously yummy!

Pink Moon Knot Wrap - I may have gotten carried away doing this mini haul as I ended up buying a knot wrap without any idea what they were. After a quick Google I've realised they're mostly meant for wrapping up gifts, but I really love this as a cute neckerchief. The colours are so vivid and I love the bats! I feel like I'm going to start a bit of a collection...

I have been really, really impressed with this collection, the only fault is that I wish there was more products. Next up, the Christmas Collection!

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  1. I need to try this pumpkin bubble bar, it sounds and looks amazing! :)
    Urban Obsessions // Vegan Food, Beauty & Lifestyle

  2. I am SOOO curious how Lord of misrule smells since veryone is raving about it. Thinking of ordering justfor this again. I did a review and haul on the Christmas LE on my blog, if you are interested :)

    xx Tara


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