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Thursday, October 15, 2015

A bit of a different post today.. I thought I'd share my bag collection!
Bags are something I invest a lot of money in. I feel like they can really make or break an outfit, and it just adds that final touch. I also think if you get a really good quality one, it will last you for life. Of course it goes without saying I got a few of these from the outlet stores! 

First up is the Coach bag pictured above. This is my most recent purchase, I got it this summer at La Vallée Village, an amazing outlet shopping village just outside of Disneyland Paris. I absolutely adore this bag, it is the perfect size for either nights out, or just a casual day when I try and avoid carrying the kitchen sink around with me! It is made of such beautiful leather, too.

Next up is this tan Michael Kors bag I got in the sale at Van Mildert. I got it to match my tan sandals over summer, but find it looks gorgeous with my new camel coat and other wintery colours. A great everyday size and a very practical colour!

I got my Cambridge Satchel a few Christmases ago, before that amazing Google advert showcasing them. I love the mock crock print, and it is such a classic Autumnal, back to school kinda bag. However even without anything in this is soooo heavy because of the extremely thick leather.

Last up is this Michael Kors I got for my 18th. I can't express my love for this bag, it is such a stunning statement piece and I always get compliments. I love clashing it with navy and black to make it stand out even more. Thanks Mam & Dad!

So that's it for my bag collection, I've currently got my eye on some bucket bags (Michael Kors, Longchamp or Mansur Gavriel would do nicely!) so fingers crossed I'll get one soon. Do you like to invest in a good bag? I think it is evident I do!

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