Blogmas #7 - A Lush Christmas Haul

Monday, December 07, 2015

Is it even Christmas without a festive Lush haul?

I get so excited over Lush at the best of times, so when the Christmas collection rolls around I basically go insane. So much glittery, yummy goodness! I actually exercised some restraint and only got 5 items but wow, there are some good'ens!

First up is the Cinders Bath Bomb. It may not look like the most exciting product, but it smells amazing. It is quite sweet, with a strong cinnamon scent that just epitomises Christmas. It is such a great, novel idea. The bath bomb is meant to emulate 'the warmth of the hearth', so the popping candy crackles and pops around you in the bath like cinders on a fire. It's a really fun, cute bath bomb!

I then tried the Five Gold Rings Bubble Bar (don't pretend you didn't sing that). I really can't describe the smell, it is sort of a mixture of everything, but I love it! The bubble bars are fab because you get 5 uses out of this as opposed to using a bath bomb once. It creates lovely golden, warming baths full to the brim with bubbles.

Is it even Christmas without a bottle of Snow Fairy Shower Gel? Thanks to Lush this candyfloss/pear drop sweet scent is now synonymous with the festive period. This works brilliantly in the shower providing a thick lather, and the scent lingers on your skin for hours afterwards.

Shower Jellies really intrigue me and I fell in love with the scent of Snowman Shower Jelly. Featuring carrot infusion, buchu oil and lemons, this has a very fresh, crisp scent that really works conveying the idea of a snowman. While the shape is adorable, it is rather fiddly so it works well breaking off a small piece and holding it inside a shower pouf. This way it creates a lot of lather and you don't end up dropping the slippery jelly everywhere. I am a huge fan of this amazing scent and will be bulk buying before the Christmas collection leaves. I also think the jellies are an amusing alternative to simple old shower gel, and a really creative idea from Lush.

Last up is the old classic Yog Nog Soap. Oh my gosh, the smell. I could honestly eat it. Including cocoa powder, nutmeg and cloves, it smells like a batch of Christmas cookies. It is a very creamy soap so feels quite indulgent, and I can see why this is such a fan favourite.

What do you think of the Lush Christmas Collection, have you tried anything? 

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