Blogmas #2 - My Favourite Christmas Film

Wednesday, December 02, 2015

10 Reasons why The Santa Clause is THE best Christmas film.

1. It is the kind of film you obviously enjoy when you're young, but even when you're older you can enjoy it and the cheeky humour aimed at adults.

2. Tim Allen as Scott Calvin is the most hilarious, sarcastic character.

3. His insults to Neil are some of the best I've ever heard.

4. The North Pole looks AMAZING and so magical!

5. Also, I really want to try Judy's hot chocolate that took her 1200 years to get right.

6. Scott's scepticism is exactly how someone would act if they found out they actually were becoming Santa.

7. The 90's outfits are brilliantly outdated.

8. Charlie is the cutest little child (but the same can't be said for The Santa Clause 2 and 3)!

9. It is the most festive film ever.

10. It has such a heart-warming ending and no matter how old you are, you will end up waiting for Santa to visit.

The Santa Clause is a Christmas film I've grown up watching and it is just great. If you haven't seen it already there's no excuse, as it has recently been added to Netflix. Grab a cuppa, a mince pie and get tucked in with my favourite festive film!

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  1. I've not seen this film! Will definitely be watching it on Netflix with a hot chocolate at some point this month x

    Josie | Sick Chick Chic

    1. You NEED to watch it Josie, it is literally the perfect cheesy xmas film! x

  2. 100% agree! For me, it's not Christmas unless I've watched this film! Me and my mum watch it every year on Christmas eve, and it just never gets old!

    Kitty | Clothes and Stuff

    1. I'm the same, I watch it every year and still laugh every time!


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