Paris Photo Diary

Monday, January 25, 2016

It is now three weeks since I came back from Paris and it feels like a lifetime ago. I'm already ready for another holiday!

Kieran and I went into Paris without any solid plans of what we wanted to do, so ended up getting lost on purpose in the Notre-Dame area, one of our favourite parts of the city. The streets were lined with people selling mulled wine which was fab and very festive. As we were there for a short time, we knew we wouldn't be able to do everything, so ended up on a boat sight-seeing tour which was lovely (if a little bit cold)! It was beautiful seeing everything lit up and twinkling against the night sky. We ended the night in a gorgeous restaurant, and scoffed crepes before we got the tube back.

The second day, we went ice skating underneath the Eiffel Tower. The rink was small, but had the most incredible view, it really was surreal. There is also an ice-skating rink on the first floor of the Eiffel Tower over Christmas, but my fear of heights meant that was a no go! We then went straight to the Marais and met up with my parents and sisters before heading to Breakfast in America. It's not the most French experience, but the food is really incredible and I would highly recommend it. We visited Musée Carnavalet, which is actually two huge mansions converted into a museum. The ballroom was absolutely stunning, and the museum is all about the history of Paris. We had more mulled wine (seriously, I drank about 5 cups of that stuff a day) and enjoyed a sit down in the Place des Vosges before heading over to Montmartre. We had one last drink there and made our way back to the villa for a relaxing night in the hot tub.

It was a very short but sweet holiday and I can't wait to go back.

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  1. Gorgeous photos! This made me miss Paris, I went a dew years back and it really is magical xx


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