Four Alternative Things To Do In Paris

Thursday, September 01, 2016

Ahh, Paris. A city I could never tire of.

Seeing the amazing landmarks such as the Eiffel Tower, L'Arc De Triomphe and the Notre Dame will never become any less breathtaking. However, sometimes it is even more interesting to step away from the usual tourist attractions, so here are my suggestions of something a little bit different to do in Paris.

1.Eat Breakfast in America

Take a break from baguettes at the delicious Breakfast in America. With three stores in the city (the one in Le Marais is my favourite haunt), BIA is a hugely successful independent cafe, take one look at the menu and you can see why. They sell breakfast all day as well as other American delicacies such as burgers, wraps, nachos and pancakes. I recommend the CC's Big Mess - "egg scramble with bacon, ham, sausage, onions, peppers, mushrooms, avocado and cheddar cheese served on top of a pile of home fries". Très délicieux!

2. Row a boat around the Temple of Love

The beautiful Temple Romantique is a must see, especially for couples. You can find it on an island in the lake in Bois De Vincennes - get off the metro at Porte Dorée and just keep walking until you see the lake. You can cross the bridge to this island and explore it by foot, but I suggest you hire a rowing boat for an hour and row around the whole lake, admiring the temple as you go.


3. Visit the Musée de la Magie

Situated in one of the Marais' many narrow streets is the very cool, slightly creepy Musée de la Magie. It is full of antique magician props and gadgets; imagine the Zoltar from Big and you get the idea. Located in the basement of the controversial Marquis De Sade's house, you definitely feel transported back in time. Just note that everything in here is in French so you may need a translator!

4. Shop in Le Marais

Paris is undeniably one of the shopping capitals of the world. But sometimes the heaving crowds of Galeries Lafayette or the Champs-Élysées can become a bit overwhelming. Instead, I recommend shopping in Le Marais. It has lots of great stores ranging from vintage, to independent quirky boutiques, to designers such as The Kooples, Michael Kors and more. Even better - you can stop by Breakfast In America while you're there!

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