2017 Goals

Sunday, January 08, 2017

As the New Year rolls round everyone gets in the mindset of self improvement, and I always succumb to that. Here are a few of my resolutions and plans for 2017!

1. Get fit and eat healthy. Very stereotypical, I know. This means making smoothies or overnight oats for breakfast, bringing packed lunch instead of being tempted by Greggs, and going to the gym twice a week.

2. Read 52 books. I love reading and my long commute to Uni gives me plenty of time to read, so I have no excuse not to reach this goal!

3. Get a new tattoo. I got my first tattoo in September and I can't wait to get another.

4. Travel to a new country. Last year I visited Rhodes for the first time which I loved, this year I'm hoping to visit maybe Amsterdam, Italy or another Greek island.

5. Pass my Grade 7 piano exam. The exam is in March so wish me luck!

6. Become vegetarian and go cruelty free with cosmetics.

What are your plans for 2017?

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